Tommy’s First Marathon

Tommy completed his first Marathon on Sunday, May 25 at the Ottawa Race Weekend, in a fantastic time of 2:39:12, smiling all the way. He was interviewed at the finish line by lots of reporters, and gave great interviews. His first words when the microphones and cameras were pointed to him were “I have sensational news!” And indeed, it was sensational news 🙂 He placed 28th overall of 7,000, 21st overall male, 10th Canadian male, 3rd in his age category, and was the 1st Ottawa resident! But mostly, he had fun and inspired people near and far 🙂

It seems like today is a perfect day to share Tommy’s “First Fastest Runner” song once again. Enjoy!

Here is a link to the story the CBC ran about Tommy.

And there is an awesome story that appeared in the Ottawa Sun.

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