Tommy’s Cat in the Hat hat

January 21, 2014

Cat in the Hat hats. Best worn daily, all the time, for biggest impact.

That’s what Tommy did, for a few years, as a preschooler. There was no convincing him otherwise. And, also, no good reason to try to convince him otherwise. Especially since that crazy hat made spotting him as he ran away in crowds, etc, much easier. Before he got his first guide dog, that hat was a life saver sometimes! Not to mention a terrific fashion statement.

And so, when we got to Dr. Seuss Land, and Tommy saw on in the gift shop, we took a little trip down memory lane. 

Like= I think that, like Tommy, I’ll wear that hat too. It certainly looks like a fun thing to do. I’ll wear a big hat and I’ll say things that rhyme. And people will smile with me all of the time.

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