Tommy cheers for Rio Paralympic T20 1500m Race

September 15, 2016
Below is the link to a new video- Tommy cheering for Mikey Brannigan, a most amazing T20 runner with Autism from the USA.
Congratulations Mikey on your Rio Paralympics Gold medal!!!!
Tommy and Mikey raced together in Arizona in May 2016 at the Desert Challenge Games. Mikey is such a great guy, and it was so wonderful to meet him in Arizona. We were so excited to cheer for him and watch him win the gold in Rio, and become The First Fastest Runner in the World! Congratulations, Mikey! We are so proud of you, and wish you continued success! Tommy hoped to race with you in Rio, and ran and personal best of 4:10 in the 1500m this season, which made him eligible for selection to Rio, but unfortunately he was not selected for Team Canada this time around. Maybe next year at the World Championships Tommy will have the honour of racing with you, and representing Canada in the 5000m T20 race in London, England!
In the meantime, have fun celebrating your gold medal succes, and have a safe trip home from Rio! Whee!!!

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