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Support Tommy as a Paralympic 2020 Hopeful with a gift of $25 or more, and receive a T-shirt Tommy designed himself!

DSCN4782Here’s how:

Using  Paypal, send your gift to the email address

Under “Send Money”  select “Gift” or “Family and Friends”

As you complete your payment, there’s a message box at the bottom of the page.  

Please include:


  • Shipping address
  • T-shirt size (Men’s or Women’s, S-XL)
  • Colour of shirt you prefer – Women’s pink, blue, or black, Men’s green, blue, or black (see photos below)

If you prefer to make a gift by cash or cheque,  please contact us at

Thank you for your kind support of Tommy!  

All gifts will be used to support Tommy as an Para-Athlete with Autism on his journey as a Paralympic Hopeful for Tokyo 2020-his training, travel to competitions and training centers, physical therapy, equipment, and the support he needs as an elite para-athlete.

Run, Walk, Imagine!

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  1. Hello to all of Tommy’s loving friends and family. My name is Rebecca Crosley and i currently live in Alabama. I came across Tommy’s story online and saw he had a youtube channel. i immediately dropped everything I was doing and watched every single last video. He is an amazing young man and all tat he has accomplished is breath taking and although he does not know me, i am beyond proud of him myself. I am going to school to become a Child Therapist for children with Autism and many other disabilities and this story has taught me a lot and makes me so happy about my decision for this career path. All Autistic kids are incredibly smart, you just have to help them out as much as possible and open up room for them to grow. Tommy has shown that this is completely true. Do keep allowing him to branch out because he is an amazing person. If ever you find yourself in Alabama do contact me and you will be more than welcome to stop by. Keep being an amazing family!

    1. Hi Rebecca, This is Tommy’s mom, MaryAnn 🙂 Your kinds words touched our hearts 🙂 Blessings to you as you embark on your journey working with kids like Tommy! You will be amazing and they will thrive on your positivity!!!! Hugs, <3

      1. Thank you so much! If you ever need to talk to someone about anything or Tommy ever needs anything I’ll be here for you guys forever. Feel free to email me anytime!

  2. Hi Tommy,

    My husband and I think you are AWESOME!!!!!! Will you be running the Ottawa marathon this year? If so, hope to see you there (well I’m not running, but my husband is….and I’ll be cheering both of you if you’re there too).

    Keep inspiring people and keep posting those videos. We enjoy watching them!

    Louise and Luc from Montreal

    1. Hi Louise and Luc, Tommy did run the marathon! Congrats to Luc. How did it go? Thanks for your kind words, and for watching Tommy’s videos and cheering him on 🙂 Come say hi on Facebook! -MaryAnn, Tommy’s mom

      1. Luc did very well and met his goal of running under 4hrs. However, we were truly and particularly excited to see how well your son did. In fact, I showed my high school students Tommy’s and Luc’s results and everyone was impressed.. But what was even more exciting was for me to actually see Tommy run in person (near the Arts museum close to the bridge around km 26 ). Luc was a little jealous about that because he was hoping to meet Tommy too LOL!

        1. Hi Louise and Luc, Congratulations to Luc for meeting his goal in running under 4 hours! That’s awesome! It would be awesome to meet you and Luc sometime. Thank you for writing and for cheering Tommy on in his last kilometer 🙂 And for sharing Tommy’s story with your students 🙂 Have a great day, and sorry we took so long to reply…busy times 🙂 -MaryAnn

  3. Hi Tommy and Maryann,

    My name is Lisa, I’m 21 and I’m from England. Like Tommy I am a huge Disney fan! Me and my partner are planning another trip to Disney World! My partner who is 30 has suspected Autism, and when we watch your videos you really make us smile.

    You are a true inspiration and I’m sure your family are so proud of you! Your smile lights up a room!

    Wishing you all the best and lots of love!

    Lisa x

    1. Hi Lisa, This is MaryAnn 🙂 I will show Tommy your message. I like your term “suspected autism” 🙂 We understand, and hope that learning more about autism spectrum is enlightening for you and him. It’s wonderful to better understand why one’s thinking is so unique. And to celebrate that. Best wishes to you both, and thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to write to us! Hugs, MaryAnn

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