Random statements by Tommy regarding chicken.

Today, as we were eating a chicken lunch with guests Cousin Iain, Uncle Chris and Walter, Tommy noticed me wearing a new black t-shirt with horizontal white stripes. (This is Tommy’s mom, MaryAnn 

Tommy: You’re nice in your zebra striped shirt!

(looks at me eating chicken, then adds):
Zebras don’t eat chicken. They’re vegetarians!

Then he added: Only white tigers eat chicken.

So…I guess the next time I eat meat I best not wear this shirt. Didn’t think of this contradiction. Thank goodness he pointed it out to me. Whew!

Gonna go shop for a shirt that makes me look like a white tiger. Cause, well, I kinda like chicken.

Also on February 23, 2014
Random Math announcement by Tommy, while cooking free range organic chickens for lunch:

Tommy (thinking about Math after overhearing Cousin Iain discussing which Math classes he is taking in preparation to study Engineering at university in a couple of years): I don’t like 21+21=42. I can’t eat 42 organic free range chickens.

Yes, that would likely be too many chickens to eat. Yes, indeed.

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