Tommy’s Grandma May and Grampa Stewart

Update in 2016-With great sadness, on February 19, 2016,  Tommy and his family said goodbye to his devoted Grandpa. Tommy spoke at his funeral.  Here is the video.  We love you, Grandpa Stewart.


This is Tommy’s mom…for me, every day is Mother’s Day. I feel so very lucky and proud to be Tommy and Paul’s mom. I also have the best mom in the whole wide world- Tommy’s Grandma May.  She supports me and Tommy in every way. She’s the best friend ever, always has a ready laugh, and a patient, kind way whenever we just need someone to be there. Her birthday is the week before Mother’s Day…and last week Tommy gave her a very special birthday card! We love you, Grandma May oxox


Tommy’s grandparents provided an loving and wonderful retirement home for his retired Autism Dogs.

Sara was Tommy’s 1st Autism dog.  Tommy was 7 when he got her.  She went blind at age 4 from Progressive Retinal Atrophy.  She retired early, and Tommy got Matrix, who is now 12.  Both retired dogs live with Tommy’s grandparents.  They are very happy there, and Tommy visits them often.  Adel likes visiting them there too!  We had a birthday party for Sara.  Here is the video:

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