Paul’s Fiancee Laura

Laura birthday drawing 2

From the moment Tommy met Laura, in 2011, he began calling her “Paul’s Adorable Little Girlfriend Laura”. 🙂

Paul and Laura are now engaged, and she has already become part of the family.

Laura travelled to Disney World with Tommy in October 2013 🙂  In November, 2013, she began a job with Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo in Ottawa, along with Paul, doing travelling zoo shows all over Eastern Ontario.  Tommy enjoyed seeing Laura often whenever she and Paul came to Ottawa on their days off from work.  While working with the zoo, Laura became good friends with the Lemurs, and Hazard, the Eurasian Lynx.  Tommy enjoyed being introduced to the animals by Laura 🙂

Laura is an amazingly talented photographer..have a look at her flickr page here:

She also loves to travel and is a great writer.  Here is one of her recent blog posts which she wrote while working with the zoo:

Laura also wrote a blog post about paddling with crocodiles on a recent trip with Paul.  Have you ever wondered what it might be like to paddle about in the Everglades, right next to some crocodiles? Wonder no more, cause Laura and Paul did just that, and lived to blog about it!

Also, here is a lttle known fact about Laura: She worked as a cast member at the Star Tours attraction at Hollywood Studios, Disney World, as part of the International Program, in 2009!  So, as magically adorable as she already is, she has a little extra pixie dust in her <3

Thank you Laura, for being so awesome, and adorable, and little, and also a HUGE and wonderful part of Tommy’s life <3

Click to watch Tommy drawing Laura for her birthday 🙂

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