Big Brother Paul and sister-in-law Laura

Tommy’s big brother Paul married Laura in 2015, and now Tommy has a new sister-in-law!  There are many videos of Paul and Laura with Tommy on his YouTube channel.  Here is a story about Paul and Laura: 1001579_204948922997850_1890108144_n

Tommy’s “Crazy Big Brother Paul”, as Tommy calls him, is two years older than Tommy.  Tommy has always looked up to him, and they had lots of fun together as children.  Tommy spent hours with Paul and his many friends bouncing with them on our backyard trampoline.

Paul always dreamed of being a Zoologist, and over the years he filled his bedroom with every kind of pet- snakes, frogs, and many other reptiles and amphibians.   While in high school, Paul worked at Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo in Ottawa, with plans to become a field Zoologist.

Paul graduated from the University of Guelph in 2012 with an Honours BSc in Zoology.  He has worked as a field biologist researching animals and insects in Ecuador, birds in Brazil, birds in Pennsylvania, squirrels in the Yukon, and turtles in Southern Ontario.

Paul met his “Adorable Little Girlfriend Laura”, as Tommy always called her, in 2011.  Laura and Paul are both amazing nature photographers and wildlife biologists.  Laura completed a Masters degree, researching the Macoun’s Arctic butterfly.


Laura is an amazingly talented photographer..have a look at her flickr page here:

She also loves to travel and is a great writer.  Here is one of her recent blog posts which she wrote while working with the zoo:

Laura also wrote a blog post about paddling with crocodiles on a recent trip with Paul.  Have you ever wondered what it might be like to paddle about in the Everglades, right next to some crocodiles? Wonder no more, cause Laura and Paul did just that, and lived to blog about it!

Also, here is a lttle known fact about Laura: She worked as a cast member at the Star Tours attraction at Hollywood Studios, Disney World, as part of the International Program, in 2009!  So, as magically adorable as she already is, she has a little extra pixie dust in her <3

Thank you Laura, for being so awesome, and adorable, and little, and also a HUGE and wonderful part of Tommy’s life <3

Together, Paul and Laura have traveled many places, taking photos and making some short films along the way. They became engaged on a trip to Europe in 2013! They have a blog about their travels and other things at

In 2013, Paul and Laura are both worked for Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo, doing travelling zoo shows!  Tommy enjoyed seeing Laura often whenever she and Paul came to Ottawa on their days off from work.  While working with the zoo, Laura became good friends with the Lemurs, and Hazard, the Eurasian Lynx.  Tommy enjoyed being introduced to the animals by Laura 🙂

Paul’s childhood friend, Jordan Kawai, is worked on a documentary about Tommy and Paul, as brothers. In the making of this film, Paul and Tommy camped in Iceland together with Laura and Jordan, in the summer of 2013.

Here is a video of Paul and Tommy, with his parents, and with Laura and Jordan, in Iceland!

Paul also blogged about his trip hiking in Iceland with Tommy here:

They also have a YouTube channel “PaulsonandLaura”.  Check it out!

Tommy is always excited to see Paul, whenever Paul is able to visit.

Paul at Disney with Tommy:

In October, 2013, Paul came to Disney with Tommy for the first time since 1997!

Here is one of the fun things that happened, when they visited the Incredibles together.

Tommy’s just had to lie right down on the floor, and show The Incredibles his reenactment of his favorite parts of their movie.

And then Big Brother Paul proudly told The Incredibles about Tommy’s upcoming marathon, and how amazing Tommy is at his own incredible feats. 

And The Incredibles, who work out by lifting trains, and such, looked duly impressed.


Our YouTube favorites from the 2013 YouTube year include this quirky gem. Paul is a crazy big brother. Case closed.



July 3, 2013

Tommy’s big brother Paul and his adorable little girlfriend arrived on Saturday!! Tommy’s was bursting with love and excitement, so eager to see them I thought he might explode with joy 

Viewers sometimes ask if Tommy minds being videotaped so often. Actually, the whole YouTube channel was Tommy’s idea from the start…he asked to be on YouTube, and often, during a special moment, he looks to make sure I am recording him  This was one such moment

In 2008, Tommy and Paul’s mom wrote a letter to the Autism Society about Paul, nominating him for a scholarship for siblings of persons with Autism.  MaryAnn shares it here:

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