Tommy’s Family

Tommy’s Lucky parents (as Tommy calls them!), MaryAnn and Peter, feel blessed to enjoy and support Tommy surrounded by many other close family members-his big brother Paul and Paul’s wife Laura, his cousins, his aunts and uncles, his grandparents, and many close friends who feel like family.  Many of Tommy’s adventures with these wonderful people are shared on his YouTube channel!   Learn more about some family members here-

Big Brother Paul

Grandma May and Grandpa Stewart


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  1. Hi there! Well our family is really into Disney. My husband & I recently transferred from San Antonio, TX to Columbus, OH this last year. We have 5 boys and our youngest, Carter, is 8 and he has Autism.

    So we came upon Tommy’s videos. We hope that Carter is as verbal as he is one day. The site I attached is of Carter. We have been fundraising or his Autism Service Dog. We made our goal but won’t be able to post it until they give us our final numbers this week. So we’re very excited.

    You know, Carter was not officially diagnosed until he was 5 and it’s a hard road. You worry so much about their future and mourn what it could have been. Seeing Tommy gives me so much hope.

    Reading about him being a runner – yup – that’s Carter. He has SO much energy. I hope one day I can get him involved in an organized sport, right now he just runs around & laughs. He’s super happy and such a blessing.

    Well thanks so much for having a page like this. I would love to learn how to create one for Carter. I love it! Have a Happy New Year!!


    1. Dear Lisette,

      Thanks so very much for your wonderful message 🙂 This is MaryAnn, Tommy’s mom.

      How exciting that your family has so many boys, and that Carter has so many wonderful big brothers! Tommy’s big brother Paul has been his idol, his whole life. The friendship and fun that Paul, and all his friends playing at the house, provided Tommy over the years has been incredible.

      I’m very excited for you and your journey to have Carter received an Autism Service Dog. You will find it to be a wonderful journey for him and the whole family. Let me know if there is anything you need, I would love to help your family on this journey!

      The autism diagnosis is hard at first, and the progress feel slow in the early years, but there is always much reason to hope and dream. The progress Carter will make will amaze you. He will surprise you and bring you so much joy every step of the way. He sounds like Tommy, very active and challenging to keep up with! But if he’s happy and smiling, then you are doing all the right things!!! The best thing I can say is to follow his lead, honor his interest and gifts and appreciate all the beautiful things he has to give to everyone around him. 🙂

      As far as this website, we have been creating it slowly and learning how to make a WordPress site. It’s a little complicated, but we are doing our best. Everything is a learning process, right?

      Thank you so very much for taking the time to write…it made us very happy to receive your message. If you’d like to Facebook friend me, that would be wonderful. Do you follow Tommys Facebook page?

      Have a really great day, MaryAnn

      1. It’s wonderful that he loves Disney 🙂 Disney has helped Tommy so much, and I know it will help your cousin. Sending you the very best wishes and some pixie dust too! <3

  2. i am sad beacuse my little cousain has a atuisms and he love the dissney princess very much and he dance with them

  3. Although I haven’t been affected by atsuim in my immediate family, I have friends and students who have, and I know what a huge challenge it can be to navigate daily life as an autistic individual, so it’s amazing to hear about the work of Autism United!Geoff

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