We love hearing from you

We love the fact that so many of Tommy’s viewers and supporters are people with Autism, Aspergers, and many other special needs. It always makes us really happy to hear from you, and to know that you enjoy Tommy and really understand him, too!

Families with loved ones with Autism and other special needs also often follow Tommy’s channel and send us the most heartwarming messages too. We are so, so glad that you write to us, and that you find joy in following Tommy’s adventures!

And, of course, we love the fact that so often Tommy’s viewers knew little or nothing about Autism, somehow stumbled across his videos, and began their own journey with open minds and heart to learn about Autism and some of the mystery, challenges, and joy it brings! Thank you all for embracing Tommy 🙂

We want to say thank you, to each and every one of you, from Tommy and our family. You help us to understand how important it is that Autism has a voice, a face, and real stories…like Tommy’s story. We are proud that Tommy makes Autism real, friendly, happy, and OK.  And good, and inspiring, and hopeful. And joyful. There is so much joy 🙂

We would like to begin sharing some of the messages from viewers here.  Enjoy!


Demy, a YouTube viewer from Amsterdam, made a powerpoint presentation about Tommy for her class, and sent it to Tommy!

In this video, Tommy reads it for the first time.


On YouTube, Tommy’s videos get the most awesome comments. On his 3 million views video, this comment made us smile:

Katrina Games wrote:

“Thank you the Des Brisay family for these videos. If been studying for my state board nursing test and been a total crazy person. These videos helped me relax and smile. During my test when I got nervous and was going to lose focus. I though how am I going to calm myself down? Tommy popped in my head for some reason so I sang “one step in front of the lawmen” in my head. I smiled and relaxed and continued on. Thank you Tommy and the Des Brisays for being an inspiration. If Tommy can do great things in life, so can I.”

Thanks for sharing, Katrina  🙂


50 thoughts on “We love hearing from you”

  1. I love Tommy and his videos on Disney. Guess what Tommy I love Disney and Frozen too. I hope to meet you soon and I can’t wait to talk Disney with you.

  2. Tommy, it was lovely meeting you, your Mom and Dad and of course Adi at the Amazing Person Gala. Yes indeed, you are an Amazing Person. Colleen Walker and her HED Misty

    1. Hi Colleen, Thank you so much for saying hello to Tommy and Adel at the Amazing Person Gala! It was wonderful to meet you! Here is a link to Tommy’s Youtube video of the evening, including the photo of you and Tommy together that night https://youtu.be/iyIUu_TCFb8
      Best wishes to you and Misty! Hugs, MaryAnn, Tommy’s mom

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