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Tommy can be reached a number of ways:

Tommy Des Brisay,
PO Box 45008,
Kanata, ON, K2M 2Y1

Or by commenting on any of the posts on this website.

Tommy and his family love to hear from his viewers!  We are always very touched by the heartfelt messages of support we receive, and so very happy to know that Tommy’s videos are bringing joy and inspiration to others.  We would love to reply to every message, but it’s not always possible.  Thank you for reaching out to Tommy, and please know that we love hearing from you 🙂



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  1. Hello! My name is Breyton Croom, also diagnosed with autism. I really admire Tommy’s courage and perserverance as he wants to be the fastest runner in the world. He’s definitely an inspiration to those out there viewing on YouTube. I was wondering if I can do a video about him on my channel. It won’t be anything negative, I just want to promote his channel and hopefully become friends. I look forward to hearing from either one of you and have a nice day!

    1. Hi Breyton! This is Tommy’s mom, MaryAnn. Thanks for your kind words. It’s great that you want to do a video about Tommy! Please don’t use any of our video footage or photos of him without asking our permission first, though. If you would please show it to us privately before sharing it publicly, that would be perfect. Thanks for asking in advance. Have a magical day 🙂

      1. Hello Mrs. Brisay! It’s very nice to meet you. Thank you for allowing me to make a video supporting Tommy. I won’t use any videos at all, I just want to talk how Tommy is an influence to me. I will show you this in private before I make it public. Once again, thank you for the opportunity and tell Tommy I said hi!

        Breyton A. Croom

      2. Hello Mrs. Brisay! I’m glad that I have an opportunity to speak with you again! I just did the video about Tommy and I shared it with you on his Google+ page. Hope you enjoy it!

  2. Hello,
    How does Disney work with a service dog? My doctor just recommened one for me and hopefully will be getting one. How does rides work? Where can I stay (hotel wise)? Can I stay on property? Do little kids just run up to pet it? Thank you!! Also just want to stay that tommy is my biggest hero.

  3. Hi Lucy, This is Tommy’s mom! There is info about service dogs in the parks and about which rides the guide dog can go on here:

    Kids do come up and ask to pet, and Tommy and Adel’s trainers allow others to pet Adel while working if they ask Tommy, if he gives permission, and if Adel stays calm and is not distracted from her job.

    You an stay at any hotel with a guide dog if they are fully licensed!

    Hope this helps!

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