Welcome to Tommy’s website!  Whee!!!

Perhaps Tommy’s YouTube channel “lookyus” brought you here, or maybe you wish to follow his journey as a Paralympic hopeful for Tokyo 2020! Maybe you are a fellow Disney enthusiast, or perhaps you have Autism, or love someone with Autism, and want to learn about Tommy’s childhood, his Autism Assistance Dog Guide, Adel, or his family! We’re so glad you came, and hope you enjoy exploring this site, and reach out to us and say hello!

You can also say hi to Tommy at his  Facebook Page!  He loves Facebook and enjoys chatting.

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New on lookyus!
Tommy had a great day racing in the 9RunRun Half Marathon in Stittsville, finishing 1st place in a time of 1:11. Tommy loves this race, and was so kindly supported by all the amazing Police Officers, First Responders, and Fire Fighters, and volunteers who come out to make this race the wonderful event it is! After jogging home as a cool down, Tommy was in a great mood! Congrats to all the runners- there seemed to be more this year! Thanks to the bagpipers for the music, and thanks to the band and all those who make the after party so fun! And thanks to Bushtukah for the gift card prize...Tommy will see you soon at the store! See you all at 9 Run Run 2018 next year!
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New on lookyus! youtu.be/ESlklhcoiko
Tommy had a fun racing in the Rattle Me Bones Run Ottawa 10k, despite the rainy weather! Seems the best way to enjoy a rainy day is to sing a Winnie the Pooh song all the way to the race! Then Tommy was lucky to see his friend Lindsay from the Ottawa Lions at the start, and enjoyed warming up her! Tommy finished 1st place in the 10k, and then cooled down with Lindsay and her dad Dave, also an Ottawa Lions friend.

Thank you to Run Ottawa and the amazing volunteers for a great race! Congratulations to all the other runners who came out to race! Hope everyone had a chance to relax and get warmed up again once home! Tommy was still thinking about Winnie the Pooh as he relaxed back at home!

Rattle Me Bones was one of Tommy's very first road races when he first started running in 2006! Here is a link to an old livejournal entry from Oct 2006: tommytales.livejournal.com/2006/10/29/
and here is a video of Rattle Me Bones 2010: youtu.be/7qBhBzURGvs

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In September, Tommy began a class with Algonquin College called Drawing Realistic Subjects in Pencil -ART0007. Phil is supporting him in following the online class instructions. Phil and Tommy each do their own drawing side-by-side. Tommy is drawing independently with Phil helping him follow the detailed instructions given about the various shading techniques. Tommy is really enjoying the class, and has done a great job of the assigned drawings so far! There are a few more drawings to come in order to complete the course this December- a fist, a portrait, a golden retriever, a landscape. We thought you would enjoy seeing the amazing drawings he's done so far! Luckily, because Tommy is taking this course online, he has not been affected by the strike at Algonquin College.

If you'd like to learn more about the class Tommy is taking, The info is here: www.algonquincollege.com/ccol/courses/drawing-realistic-subjects-in-pencil/

and the instructor has a website at www.realisticdrawing.com/pencil
The instructor's name is Melissa Schatzmann.

Thank you to Phil for your awesome support, and to Melissa for creating such a great online class!
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Exciting news: On Monday November 20, Tommy will be visiting his former high school to give a presentation at the morning assembly, talking to the students about his journey as a runner! Today seemed like a great day to share this video of Tommy's visit to the graduation ceremony in June at his old high school. (Warning: Your cheeks might hurt from smiling seeing how happy Tommy was to see his old friends!) Here is the link: youtu.be/1Yep7exEZoQ
Tommy loves the graduation ceremony at his old high school, Ottawa Technical Secondary School! Whee! Before Tommy graduated, in 2012, he often went to watch his older classmates graduate in anticipation of his own year! He was so excited to graduate! His own graduation was such a happy occasion for him. Since 2012, Tommy's been away racing at the Canadian National Track and Field Championships many times, but this year he was able to attend and watch the graduation ceremonyl! When Tommy arrived, he was excited to meet Jenna, a fellow former student of the high school, who'd come to watch a friend graduate. Jenna follows Tommy on YouTube and they sat together and enjoyed the ceremony. Tommy was so happy to see his former teachers and educational assistants again! He had a great time chatting with them after the ceremony. Thank you, Ottawa Technical Secondary School for the warm memories and for always being so supportive of Tommy and embracing his visits! See you on Monday Nov 20, when Tommy comes to give his first presentation at your school about his running experiences! Excited to see you soon, Anne Villeneuve Kathy Wilson-Lafleur Gina Luca Lea Boswell Ian Halman Mike Mascioli Jane Macintyre Heather Burns Christena Weatherall and all the other wonderful teachers and EA's at Ottawa Technical High School!
#whee #OttawaTechnicalSecondarySchool Thanks for sitting with Tommy in June, Jennay Marie 🙂
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New on lookyus! youtu.be/JiQwou00O38
Tommy was thrilled to be invited to speak to kids , making his keynote motivational speaker debut at Richmond Public Schools! Tommy's former Kindergarten teacher, Jeananne Gilchrist, kindly invited him to come to her school to meet all the students, and give a talk! Thank you, Jeananne, for believing in Tommy, supporting Tommy, and embracing the Whee and the joy! Tommy was proud to take the podium and tell his story and even happier to meet and shake hands with each student afterwards, and introduce Adel, and begin a new exciting journey connecting with kids! Tommy's message to them- Be yourself, dream big, work hard, be proud to be different, find your strengths, celebrate the things that make YOU say Whee! It's good to be different, and it's ok to need help and support. And it's important to help others, and be kind. We love you, Richmond Public School! Thank you for being the start of a new chapter for Tommy, a new adventure where he teaches and motivates others, and becomes part of something much bigger than himself! See you all in the spring when your track season begins! #Whee!!! #autismmeansfriendship #SelfWhee #keynotespeaker #motivationalspeaker #bethechange #bethewhee Ausome Ottawa ZiZU Optics
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  1. Dear Tommy I’m Samantha Lynn and like you I have always loved Disney and I’m autistic too. I know how you feel I remember every movie and I love to sing and run alot thou my most favorite thing to do is art. if we can be friends that would be great just find me on facebook 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Hi tommy I’m Alex I have autism to high function love ur videos and ur dog I have a dog to and also love disney my favorite right now is descendants

  3. (I will try my best english 🙂 ) Such an inspiration, I saw you for the first time in Ottawa this year (Army Run) First time I have tears in my eyes looking at runner.

    Great job, give a hug to Adel for me as well. All the best Tommy, I hope to have the pleasure to follow you in the Paralympics in Tokio.



    1. Hi Catherine, Thanks for this beautiful and encouraging message! This is Tommy’s mom, MaryAnn. If you see us in Ottawa, please say hi in person 🙂 Have a great day <3

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