Welcome to Tommy’s website!  Whee!!!

Perhaps Tommy’s YouTube channel “lookyus” brought you here, or maybe you wish to follow his journey as a Paralympic hopeful for Tokyo 2020! Maybe you are a fellow Disney enthusiast, or perhaps you have Autism, or love someone with Autism, and want to learn about Tommy’s childhood, his Autism Assistance Dog Guide, Adel, or his family! We’re so glad you came, and hope you enjoy exploring this site, and reach out to us and say hello!

You can also say hi to Tommy at his  Facebook Page!  He loves Facebook and enjoys chatting.

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New video today: youtu.be/rVvfrYRo9Mc

The Plaid Shirts- In which Tommy, Paul and Peter model their Christmas gifts from Aunt Cynthia and Uncle Charles!

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And the rain rain rain came down down down...Tommy and friends in Victoria, training while it's raining...#athleticscanada #training #victoria #pacificinstituteforsportexcellence #ottawalions #whee #tokyo2020 ... See MoreSee Less

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Tommy has been training hard every day with incredibly fast Canadian runners including @mariah_kelly1 @robdenault27 @athleticscanada #westhub at #pacificinstituteofsportsexcellence in #Victoria Thank you to all the fellow athletes, amazing coaches, therapists, medical support staff, and to Athletics Canada for all the incredible support Tommy is receiving #Tokyo2020 #paralympicsgames Tommy is ready and happy to do the work! Your dedication to his success means everything! #whee #autismmeansfriendship ... See MoreSee Less

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Tommy is training in Victoria, BC, at Athletics Canada's West Hub at the Pacific Institute for Sports Excellence. Every day, he works hard training with other amazing runners! There's a new video on lookyus today! youtu.be/G3MP4s873vI
Thank you to all the fellow athletes, amazing coaches, therapists, medical support staff, and to @athleticscanada for all the incredible support Tommy is receiving, as he strives to represent Canada at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics! Thank you @ottawalionstfc and to all the friends and followers who cheer him on, and make us smile on this amazing journey! #westhub #pacificinstituteforsportexcellence #whee #autismmeansfriendship #zizuoptics @zizuoptics
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Tommy's followers and YouTube fans bring such a smile to our faces with the many heartfelt messages of thanks and support, and the incredibly kind and generous gifts of drawings and packages Tommy receives in his inbox and PO box!
This holiday season we were so touched by the many different ways that Tommy's followers have shown their support with so many acts of kindness. Here is a drawing by one of Tommy's online friends, Alberto! This drawing put a smile on all of our faces this Christmas! We wanted to share it with all of you, and we hope it brings a smile! #Whee #AutismMeansFriendship
Thank you, Alberto!
Alberto Tellez!
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Tommy T-shirts:

If you wish to buy a T-shirt to support Tommy, click here to take you to the T-shirt page!


75 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Hey tommy and Maryanne im Laura I’m 22 and live in Idaho I like watching your videos I’m a Disney fan to . I have a disability to it’s a Learning disability hope to hear back from you

    1. Hello Laura, This is MaryAnn! We are so glad you enjoy Tommy’s videos 🙂 How wonderful that you are also a Disney fan! Thanks for your comment, it made us smile. Autism Means Friendship oxox

  2. Hi Tommy, I love your YouTube videos. Maybe I have to show up the same time you do at Disney. I am a professional mermaid, and I take care of kids that have autism. I love your Disney videos and your story is amazing.

    Take care,
    Isatu/Ice or Mermaid Morgan

    1. Hi Mermaid Morgan! This is MaryAnn! Thanks for your message and your kind words. The kids you take care of are lucky to have a mermaid friend! Sounds magical 🙂 Hugs oxox

  3. Hello Tommy and MaryAnn. I absolutely love watching your YouTube videos. They are amazing and make me smile. I am also a massive fan of Disney! I suffer from selective mutism which led to social anxiety disorder and having no friends and I don’t go out much. Watching your videos has made me re-evaluate all of my fears and anxieties because Tommy seems to have a positive outlook on life and is always happy. Thank you for these amazing videos.

    1. Hi Courtney, This is MaryAnn! Thanks for your message. Tommy struggles with a lot of anxiety too. We share his most positive moments, because that is what Tommy feels best sharing with the world. He truly is joyful and loves to share his enthusiasm with everyone. He prefers to keep his more difficult moments private. We hope that others understand how important this is, while enjoying sharing in Tommy’s best golden moments and successes! I hope you find passions and interests that help you overcome the challenges you face. Tommy’s love of Disney, running, his dog Adel, and many other things have all helped him to thrive! Best wishes to you, big hug, MaryAnn

  4. Your youtube channel videos made me smile, laugh, and cry. I felt less cynical and wanted to shine love, thank you!

    1. Thank you, Juan, for this beautiful message! It means so much that you took the time to let us know, and we are so happy you enjoy getting to know Tommy! Hugs, MaryAnn, Tommy’s mom oxox

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