Funny moments

Tommy went out to get groceries this evening with his Dad.He arrived home and announce, gleefully “I got groceries, mom, just for you!”

I replied “Wow! Thanks so much!”

He answered “And, in that case, you’re fired!!!!!”

August, 2013:

Tommy asks questions that we are pretty sure have never, ever, ever been asked before by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

And sometimes the camera is rolling at that very moment. So, for your enjoyment, here is Tommy asking one such question. After which he hunts for squirrels in our front yard. As you do.

PS. If you are wondering why Tommy assumes you can catch squirrels with a pole, search our channel for a past video where a squirrel came down our chimney, and Tommy’s dad caught it (link also below)!

Tommy’s dad has a way of disappearing often to other parts of the house, or garage, without mentioning where he is heading. If I call his name, wondering where he is, Tommy becomes concerned. Actually, concerned might be too mild a term! Last night, I called “Peter!” and there was no answer (which usually means garage, working on a bike!). Tommy, realizing no reply was coming from Peter, announced “THAT DOUBLE-CROSSING FATHER HAS ESCAPED AGAIN!!!!”
December 2012:
You know in Mary Poppins when the chalk drawings become real? Sometimes a chalk drawing actually has an argument with you! And you argue back. If you’re Tommy, that is.

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