Other Autistic Runners

Tommy’s Local Runner Friends who are also on the Autism Spectrum:
Jay Sneddon:
Tommy’s friend Jay Sneddon is an awesome runner, who also has Autism (in his own words, “high functioning Autism”). He and Tommy have raced together since high school races, and these days often train together at the track. This video was the first time Jay has come to Vertical Reality to climb with Tommy.For Tommy’s online friends- if you’ve never seen downtown Ottawa, I think you will like this video! Enjoy the tour
Andrew Towle:
Andrew went to the same high school as Tommy, and has high functionning Autism.  Andrew describes how he was inspired by Tommy’s success in running after seeing Tommy receive recognition at school assemblies, and decided to take up running too!  Andrew became a great friend to Tommy, and an amazing runner.  Andrew also took up Nordic Skiing and joined Tommy in the high school races representing their school.
Here is a video of one of the many high school races where Andrew and Tommy ran together:
Other runners we know of, or have met, who are also on the Autism Spectrum:
Alex Bain (“RunMan”):
The video below show the visit when, for the first time, Tommy met Alex Bain, “Runman” in person!  Alex is an autistic runner who lives on Prince Edward Island.  He is 25 years old, and has completed many road races and marathons, and won numerous awards and medals.  He wears a T-shirt when he runs that says “Running for Autism, Not against it.” Visit his blog at http://therunman.blogspot.ca to learn more about him and all his amazing accomplishments!  It was a joy to meet you, Alex, and family 🙂  It was fun to watch Alex and Tommy head off running together up the beach!  When we realized they were not turning and coming back, as instructed (each of them thought the other was leading the way?) it was a memorable, joyous autistic blooper moment 🙂  Thank goodness for vehicles that can intercept two enthusiastic running guys going slightly overboard on a “small easy run” the day before Tommy was to compete at the National Championships!  I will always wonder how far they might have gone had nobody intervened!  They might still be running, days later.  Growing beards 🙂
Michael Brannigan:
Tommy has met and raced with Mikey, an amazing runner with Autism, who has won many gold medals in the T20 races in Rio 2016 and World Para Athletic Championships. Mikey has raced with Tommy in Arizona in 2016, and in London England in 2017.  There are videos on Tommy’s YouTube lookyus of Tommy with Mikey, if you search!  There are tons of online stories about Mikey if you google him!
We enjoyed meeting Mikey in person, as well as his Coach Sonja Robinson, and his parents, while in England.  Go Team Mikey!


Alex and Jamie Schneider:

We also love a story we have heard about two brothers who are identical twins with Autism, and who both run! Their names are Alex and Jamie Schneider.  We hope to meet you someday!
Here is their website:


Jonathan Brunot:

An autistic runner who has completed his 20 marathons as of June 11th,2017!!  Jonathan’s family wrote to us: Jonathan started running in late 2006 and struggled mightily but when we found a coach who helped him understand the sport, Jonathan fell in love! He is affectionately nicknamed “Autism Superman” and wears a Superman Crest with Autism Puzzle Pieces for almost every marathon!”

Here is Jonathan’s website:

If you are an autistic runner, or know someone who is, and would like us to include you on this page, please write and say hi!
We are so proud of all autistic runners, as we are of Tommy 🙂

8 thoughts on “Other Autistic Runners”

  1. Hi my son lewis boshier has autisim he loves running and he completed disneys half marathon with me last year..hes not quick but im so proud of him as lifes difficult at times for him so its lovely to see him enjoy something..he did win an award for raising money for charity ehile running races!
    he also loves disney with a passion..the mad hatter is his fsvourite!
    We are hoping to fo the hslf marathon in 2016 !
    good luck to tommy in his races!

    1. Hi Michelle, Thanks for writing! Congratulations to Lewis on his accomplishments in both his runs, and his fundraising 🙂 That’s so cool that he has so much in common with Tommy in running and in passion for Disney! Have you seen the YouTube where Tommy meets the Mad Hatter? Lewis might like it 🙂 We don’t know for sure yet when Tommy’s next Disney marathon will be, but maybe we will meet you someday! Thanks for your photo on Tommy’s facebook page today, too! All the best, MaryAnn

  2. Hi Tommy,

    Thank-you for liking my son Josh’s Facebook (Joshua Manning) page he really appreciated it and was really impressed with your running. He was even more impressed with Adel as Josh has a black labrador too, his name is Rex. Josh calls Rex his “BDF” – best dog friend! I’m completely impressed by your running, a 2:39 marathon extraordinary – keep it up. Josh just ran his first official half marathon after having completed a number of 30km runs and a 50k Ultra Marathon – “The Nerang State Forest” Trail run. Josh is now starting his training to run the Honolulu Marathon (his first official marathon) in December. Josh also races triathlon and like his running is very good at it.

    Look forward to following your running adventures on Facebook and have keeping in touch! Have fun.

    Paul, (Josh’s Dad)

    1. Hi Paul, This is MaryAnn. It is so great to have connected with you and Josh on Facebook! We are so impressed with Josh as a runner, and look forward to following his exciting story as he continues as an amazing athlete! How wonderful that he too has a “best dog friend” and also a black lab like Adel! Tommy and Josh sure have lots in common 🙂 Thanks for visiting Tommy’s website and taking the time to comment and say hi. The next time we update the site a little, I would like to add Josh to this section of “other autistic runners” if you are ok with that 🙂 Cheers, see you on facebook 🙂 MaryAnn

  3. Hi Tommy,

    My name is Adam Snider, a runner who has Autism. I enjoy running, and I have been doing so for five years and counting. I have competed over 100 5K races in six states in the United States, mostly in my home state of Michigan.
    On April 30th, 2016, I finished first overall in a 5K race for Autism awareness.

    Looking forward to your adventures of running on Facebook, and I hope we keep in touch!

    – Adam

    1. Hello Adam, This is MaryAnn, Tommy’s mom! Great job on all of your races! That is terrific!!! Thank you for commenting here. Keep up the running, and please stay in touch. You rock! Please come say hi on Facebook, too, on Tommy’s page. Sometimes Tommy will reply, himself, to your messages there 🙂 Best wishes, MaryAnn

  4. Hey Tommy! We (The Brunot Family) are so proud of you and you accomplishments in running! The hope and inspiration and the effect you have on your community is tremendous!

    Check out Jonathan Brunot, severe on the autism spectrum and he is about to complete his 20th marathon on June 11th,2017!!
    Jonathan started running in late 2006 and struggled mightily but when we found a coach who helped him understand the sport, Jonathan fell in love!
    He is affectionately nicknamed “Autism Superman” and wears a Superman Crest with Autism Puzzle Pieces for almost every marathon!
    Congratulations again!

    You can learn more about Jonathan at the website we created for him

    1. Hello to the Brunot family and Jonathan, from the Des Brisay family and Tommy! We have followed Jonathan’s story, and we are so proud of all the he has accomplished! Keep up the great work, all of you! Hope that someday we meet in person, and Tommy and Jonathan can run together! Big Hugs, MaryAnn, on behalf of Tommy and our family oxox

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