As a preschooler, Tommy had very, very occasional words.  Few and far between, rarely heard, but awesome words.  He sometimes made the sound of a train’s “toot, toot”.  He sometimes said “Oh, oh!”  or “Go!”  One fantastic word he said sometimes was “Whee!!”  He would say it as he went down a slide, for example.  It was always Tommy’s zest for life, in moments of extreme happiness or enthusiasm, that brought out these infrequent yet joyous words.  The words gave us hope that he might yet talk one day.  But mostly, they reassured us, along with the huge smile on his face, that he was full of joy 🙂

As an adult, once he began travelling, Tommy has ALWAYS said “WHEE!!!” on takeoff!

On one of Tommy’s flights home from Disney World, a kind and wonderful Westjet flight attendant surprised us by asking all the passengers say Whee with Tommy as the plane took off!

Thanks, Randall 🙂

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