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Tommy is a creative, imaginative storyteller at heart. From the time he could verbalize very basic words, about age 8, he began typing or dictating stories.  His fine motor skills were poor, and writing and drawing was impossible for him in his early years, yet he had stories and ideas he wanted to see on paper, so he had us draw and write for him.  The process whereby he tried to communicate his ideas, despite his dyspraxia and limited language, was highly laborious indeed.  Yet he persevered.  Hundreds of story binders fill shelves in our house, the product of his years of story writing!
His dream is to share more of his stories with the world.  For now, here are a few:
Tommy has an old online blog at:
Tommy used to dictate the entries on this live journal, describing things in his life, using photos that were posted there.
Some of his artwork and stories were posted there too:
Here is an animation Tommy did while working with Sheila, his Speech Language Therapist, on Mar 19, 2013 Tommy made this movie using the iPad animation apps FlipBoom Cartoon and Stop Motion Studio. He made a written “storyboard”, then worked for many hours to make this short feature film. We hope you enjoy it!
Thanks, Sheila Bell
Great job, Tommy!


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