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Tommy is a runner and para-athlete from Ottawa, Canada.  Born in 1991, he was diagnosed with Autism at age 2 1/2, was non verbal until age 7, but could read and type words before he could speak.  Disney movies’ subtitles helped him learn language.  His Autism Dog Guide, “Adel”, helps keep him safe.  He loves stories, people, travel, music, cooking, hard work at any job, facebook, and YouTube. Tommy inspires viewers worldwide with his YouTube channel, “lookyus”, which shares his life, races, Disney trips, and enthusiasm for life! The videos posted on “lookyus” share his everyday activities and accomplishments, and allow the viewer to experience Tommy’s joyful view of the world, and appreciate the wonderful things a person with Autism has to share with others.

Two mini documentaries about Tommy, “First Fastest Runner” and “I See a Des Brisay Fly”, were made by film maker Jordan Kawai and fellow students.  Jordan is a close friend of Tommy and his family, who shares Tommy’s enthusiasm for life and love of people, movies, family, and fun!  Here are those two films: 

Tommy in the news-

In 2011, Tommy was featured as CTV’s Athlete of the Week.


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  1. I happened upon Tommy’s Youtube videos after watching Amanda Coley’s video of her two year old son falling in love with Snow White. He is absolutely without a doubt one of the most inspirational people I have seen in a very long time. He is just an amazing young man! It doesn’t hurt that like him I absolutely love everything Disney. Autism does mean friendship and bringing his story to the world shows how he wants to spread that message. Thank you Tommy for sharing your story! Thank you to your family for sharing you with us!

    1. Hello Jacey! This is MaryAnn, Tommy’s mom 🙂 Your message touched my heart. Thank you for taking the time to write to us here. We, too, loved the video of the little boy falling in love with Snow White! It was so, so wonderful. Have you seen Tommy with Snow White on his Youtube channel? Snow
      White is amazing 🙂 It means so much that you chose to write. Please come say hi on Facebook, too, on Tommy’s page <3 Big hug, MaryAnn

  2. I have watched Tommy’s video with Snow White. My favorite video is when Tommy took 9th in the Disney marathon. I loved how much interaction the Disney characters had with him and giving him so much love for how well he did. I applaud how the cast of Disney characters are so open and wonderful with Tommy. Of course I can see why they love him!!

  3. Dear Tommy, mom and dad,

    I was looking for youtube video’s of Gaston in Disney World. Suddenly Tommy’s video with Gaston appeard, and I dicided I should follow you. You are a very inspiring person. I live in the Netherlands a 6 hour drive from Disneyland Paris. I’ve only been there twice in my life. I’d like to come to visit Disney world Orlando to meet with your disney friends some time, but first i have to save some money.

    Offcourse i will follow your journey how you will become the fastest runner in the world.

    I wish you good luck.

    Bye bye,

    1. Hi Els, This is MaryAnn 🙂 We are so glad you enjoy Tommy’s videos! That’s cool that you have been to Disneyland Paris! Tommy hopes to go there someday. Thanks for writing and we hope you make it to Orlando someday. Hugs oxox

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