A training partner’s blog about getting to know Tommy at Chula Vista

At the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California, Tommy Des Brisay had the amazing experience of training with some of the fastest, most dedicated and wonderful runners from all over Canada!
One of his new friends was Sasha Gollish, Canada’s current Women’s Cross Country running champion. Here Facebook page is Sasha Gollish. She is an incredible runner!
Sasha wrote a blog post recently, where she mentions Tommy. Thank you, Sasha, for the joy and friendship, and the mentoring and guidance you gave to Tommy as his running pal in Chula Vista, and for your kind words <3 Here is the link to Sasha's blog entry on her website: https://sashagollish.wordpress.com/2017/03/06/in-honour-of-love-month/ and here is what she wrote about getting to know Tommy: "I met Tommy, and his dad Peter, at the Athletics Canada West Hub training camp. Tommy was born with a form of an autism spectrum disorder, and while he cognitively may not be engaged with athletics the way you or I might be, he has a beautiful stride, a beautiful smile, and a zest for life like no other. With the migraine I suffered in California I was off the training schedule of my usual suspects. Tommy and Peter were kind enough to adapt there training to join me. Even better, Peter video records a lot of Tommy’s sessions and I was able to see what my stride really looks like. Tommy reminds me to be thankful for what I have, to love life, to love running, to chase after my dreams and never be ashamed of what they might be. Oh, and to laugh! Tommy was a ‘chirper,’ he had all kinds of things to say to us while we were out training that left us laughing so hard we were doubled over." Thank you, Sasha <3 Big hug oxox

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