Visiting Disneyland, 20 years after first attempt at age 5

February 12 2017
20 years ago, Tommy visited Disneyland at age 5 while in California for Autism therapy in 1997, but things didn’t go well at all. After about 2 hours of meltdown, we had to leave the park.
The Casey Junior train was closed for renovation, and Tommy saw it but didn’t understand that it was closed. Tommy always loved trains. Tommy’s lack of communication or speech at age 5 made the visit impossible for him.
After training at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, San Diego, it was time for Tommy to visit Disneyland again! And ride that train! Whee!
Thank you to Tommy’s friend Alyssa for filming Tommy’s first ride on Casey Junior, and joining us for his first day back at Disneyland! oxox

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