New Personal Best Half Marathon 1:10:34 at 9 Run Run

October 15, 2016
Tommy Des Brisay finished 1st place in the 9 Run Run Half Marathon today with a new personal best time of 1:10:34!
Thank you to everyone who supported Tommy today and cheered him on!
Thank you to everyone who makes this race so amazing! Thank you to our first responders here in Ottawa for all you do for us! Congratulations to all the runners who participated! Whee! And thank you to Ottawa Lions Track and Field Club for being such a supportive community to all runners!

Tommy ran 10k personal best 32:14 at Chelsea Challenge

October 13, 2016
Tommy raced the 10k again this year at the wonderful Chelsea Challenge race, and finished 1st place with a new personal best time of 32:14!
Thank you to everyone who worked hard to make the Chelsea Challenge a huge success again in 2016! Tommy and Peter love this beautiful road race in the wonderful community of Chelsea Quebec, where Peter grew up and where Tommy has a Des Brisay family cottage. Cousin Iain raced the 5k this year! Iain is a competitive sailor, and has had a great year in his sailing races, but hasn’t been running at all. Still, he kept up to Tommy for the first km and gave the race his all! Iain’s girlfriend McKala came too! After the race, Tommy visited with family at the cottage. We hope you enjoy this video! Thanks for watching!

Tommy wins Half Marathon in Vancouver

October 5, 2016
Tommy raced in the Spirit of the Shore Half Marathon in Vancouver and finished 1st place! Thank you so much to Dave, Carlee, and all the wonderful people at the race for embracing Tommy and for all your hard working making this event so amazing! The most magical thing was the incredible double rainbow at the start line, which was really beautiful. We hope this video brings a smile to all of Tommy’s friends and supporters far and wide. We are so grateful for the loving support Tommy receives. Thank you!
Check out Spirit of the Shore Half Marathon Facebook page and website for some wonderful photos of the event!

Tommy wins Sports Excellence Award at ANCA World Autism Festival 2016

October 3, 2016
Tommy was honored to receive a Sports Excellence Award at ANCA World Autism Festival 2016. It was wonderful to take part in such an amazing celebration of the abilities, accomplishments and talents of autistic people from all over the world, all together attending the World Autism Festival to celebrate! Whee! Thank you so very much to Leonora, Charlie, and everyone at ANCA who worked hard to make this event such a success! Autism Means Friendship! If you would like to learn more about ANCA, you can visit their website at this link:
Watch Tommy Des Brisay receive his award here: