Welcome to Tommy’s website!  We’re so glad you came.

On this site you will learn more about Tommy!  We’ll share videos from Tommy’s YouTube channel “lookyus” and keep you up to date about all the exciting things Tommy is up to in his life including: training as a para-athlete, traveling to Disney, and hanging out with his guide dog Adel, friends and family.

You can also say hi to Tommy at his  Facebook Page!  He loves Facebook and enjoys chatting

Here’s what’s new:

Tommy’s channel hit 2,500,000 views, and just hit 5,000 subscribers!  Thank you so much to all of Tommy’s friends and viewers.  We appreciate it very much!

In other news…Tommy T-shirts are available in new colors!  

Click on “Support Tommy” to see more about them and how to support Tommy!



Tommy’s YouTube channel hit 1,000,000 views!!! Thank you so much to all his viewers and friends!

Tommy T-shirts:

If you wish to support Tommy with a gift of $25 or more, Tommy will mail you a T-shirt!

Here’s how: Using Paypal, send your gift to the email address supporttommy@autismmeansfriendship.com Under “Send Money”  select “Gift” or “Family and Friends”
As you complete your payment, there’s a message box at the bottom of the page.  Please include:

  • Shipping address
  • T-shirt size (Men’s or Women’s, S-XL)
  • Design choice: Run, Paddle, Ski or Run, Walk, Imagine (see photos below)

If you prefer to make a gift by cash or cheque, please contact us at info@autismmeansfriendship.com

Thank you for your kind support of Tommy!  

All gifts will be used to support Tommy as an Para-Athlete with Autism-his training, travel to competitions, and the support he needs for all his activities.

Run, Ski, Paddle!

Run, Walk, Imagine!


Why “Autism Means Friendship”?:

When Tommy was about 18, he asked his mom, “What is Autism?”  Because Tommy had heard and read the word Autism his whole life, she asked “What do YOU think Autism means?”  Tommy thought for a moment, then said “Autism means friendship.” Nothing could be more true, for Tommy.

Tommy’s Autism has brought many friends to him, and each other, from all over the world.  Friends drawn to his enthusiasm for life and friendly acceptance of everyone.  Friends reaching out to him and sharing laughter, fun, caring and kindness. Whether you have just met Tommy or have known him a long time, Tommy is happy to call you his friend!


We hope you enjoy exploring Tommy’s website!   If you have questions, you can contact us on Twitter, Facebook, or write us at info@autismmeansfriendship.com


33 comments on “Welcome!

  1. chris flegg on said:

    I only found the videos of Tommy today, i dont know why i hadnt seen them before, but hey! I am from the UK, and i am a little confused about the guide dog? what benefit does it bring for Tommy? Keep up the great work Tommy, and everyone around too! x

    • Hi Chris, This is Tommy’s mom, MaryAnn :) Nice to meet you! There is a page on this website which explains more about Adel’s role as Tommy’s Autism Guide Dog. Check it out :)

  2. Robert Hull on said:

    I recently watched Tommy’s Wine and Dine half marathon video. What an inspiration. I ran the race also, but 25 minutes slower. As a runner, watching Tommy gives me motivation and reminds me what the sport is truly about. I hope that Tommy runs the 2014 Wine and Dine. Thinking of him will certainly push me to be as fast as I can. Thanks for sharing Tommy’s run!

    • Hi Robert,
      Thanks so much for your message! Congratulations to you too on your half marathon run! You had a great finishing time, too! Tommy will probably run the Disney Marathon in January 2015. So you probably won’t see him at the Wine and Dine Half Marathon in 2014. Will you be at the Marathon weekend in Jan 2015?
      Best wishes to you and good luck with your training! Keep up the great work :)
      -Tommy’s mom, MaryAnn

  3. I just discovered Tommy’s youtube channel today. He really lightened my day so much. Not just my day but he really inspired me. I ended up watching all his disney videos. I can’t even express it but it’s amazing how it only took one video to absolutely fall in love with Tommy. I wish him the best in everything he ever does. I hope he enjoyed frozen-going back to see it again this week :)

    • Hi Leanne,

      Thank you so much for writing! This is Tommy’s mom, MaryAnn. We are so glad you came across Tommy’s YouTube videos, and so happy that you like them! Thank you for your kind words. We wish you the best in everything as well. Have a magical day! :)

  4. Ryan Constable on said:

    Hi tommy is ryanconstable I have adhd I found you on your YouTube channel

  5. Julian on said:

    Hi Tommy! I hope you read this comment. I discovered your YouTube channel not so long ago. And now you got a new friend from Indonesia. Do you know where it is? I’d like you to know that your videos have entertain people from the other side of the globe. I love your videos. They make me happy. They even inspire me! Oh, and I too have a mild autism. In school I used to spaced out and speak to myself, even now I still walk about miming things to myself. Right now, I actually use my very active imagination in my job. So keep making videos and keep entertaining us. Can’t wait for your next video!

    • Hi Julian :) This is Tommy’s mom, MaryAnn. Tommy has read your comment and was very happy! We are so glad to hear from you, and so happy that you have found a job where you can use your imagination! Thanks for writing to us, and for your kind words. We are so excited to know that Tommy has viewers all around the world, from as far away as Indonesia! We really hope that someday Tommy will take a huge trip around the world to meet all the viewers, like you, who have reached out to him. It would be amazing to meet you, and make a film about Tommy’s journey to meet you :) Have a great day. <3

  6. Randy Moore on said:

    Tommy, I just stumbled across one of your YouTube videos a couple of days ago. Since then, I’ve watched a lot of your other ones too. I’ve enjoyed seeing your many adventures and your absolutely infectious personality. I am the father of 4 children. One of our sons is autistic. His name is Jonathan and he is 16 years old. Seeing how your family interacts with each other and the world around you offers comfort to me as I ponder about the future for Jonathan.

    Mr. and Mrs. Des Brisay, It has been a real pleasure to watch some of the YouTube videos you’ve made with Tommy. I believe seeing them will help me as I interact with my own son. With the growing public knowledge of autism available today, having an autistic child is so much more ‘normal’ than those families of previous generations. Thank you (and Tommy!) for sharing how wonderful life can be, despite what could be seen as an adversity.

    • Hello, Randy. Your message has touched us very much, in such a heartfelt way. This is MaryAnn, Tommy’s mom. Please call us MaryAnn and Peter :) It was so kind of you to write, and so wonderful to hear how Tommy’s videos have reached you. Your son Jonathan is at a wonderful age, at 16. So much is possible for him, and so many beautiful things lie ahead for him, and your family. We have found that Tommy has changed in so many interesting ways since he was 16. There is always joy, and progress, and new learning. It is truly beautiful how the world is starting to embrace autism. We are so glad that Tommy’s videos are part of a new awareness of autism in the world. Your son Jonathan has a great future in store for him. Yes, the road will be challenging, as will ours with Tommy. But it is a road filled with adventure, surprises, and love. Always love. Hugs from our family to yours <3 Thanks for your message of support. Please join us on Facebook too! Hope to meet you someday. oxoxoxo

  7. Matthew Gutierrez on said:

    Hi tommy my name is matthew gutierrez I am a 9th grade freshman in high school in Albuquerque, New Mexico . I saw your youtube video and i visited your website im very honored that your supporting autism like this and i do a small newspaper I was wonderig if I can interview you for my newspaper . I will see if i can purchase a T-Shirt once i save the money to do so

    • Hi Matthew,

      This is Tommy’s mom, MaryAnn. Thank you so much for your kind words and message. Tommy would love to be interviewed for your newspaper. Facebook is a great way to contact us, as is our website. Look forward to hearing from you!

      • Matthew gutierrez on said:

        mary ann its so nice to hear from you can u guys contact me via email I put it in the form for this message its easier for me to respond that way I do work and my boss allows me to contact on email as it is easier . Tommy is such a neat kid I think he’s the coolest . I also have autism I have ADHD but im shy to show it to everyone what advice does tommy have for me

  8. Jessica on said:

    Hello Tommy!
    Just stopping in to say you are awesome <3

  9. Mack R. Whittier on said:

    Tommy is so cool and he really makes me happy to see that he lives a normal life and that he is always happy, and that he loves sports. I personally know what it’s like to have a autistic friend because I’ve known the person sense kindergarten. Tommy I hope you have a great year and I hope to hear from you:) my email is honorlives99@gmail.com
    Mack from Maine

  10. David Pope on said:

    Hello Tommy and family.
    My name is David and I’m 18 and from England. I recently discovered your YouTube channel and I love it! I have watched nearly all your videos of you meeting Disney characters. I myself, love Disney and last year I visited Disneyland Paris for the first time and it was incredible. Captain Jack Sparrow had sailed over so I was able to meet him! I have to say Tommy, you’re an amazing person and very inspiring as you always seem so cheerful and joyful. I would love to go to Disneyland etc in America one day and hopefully meet you. That would be incredible! Thanks for the awesome channel and keep up the good work and the running!

    From David

    • Hi David,

      This is MaryAnn, Tommy’s mom! Thank you so much for writing to us. That’s exciting that you got to go to Disneyland Paris! And that Captain Jack Sparrow was there. Tommy has an aunt living in Paris, so someday maybe Tommy will get a chance to go there! We hope that you can make it to Disneyland or Disney World someday. It would be really fun to meet you! Thank you for your very kind words, we’re so very glad you enjoy Tommy’s videos and channel!

      Have a magical day, MaryAnn

  11. Hi Tommy! I’m Guusje, I’am 14 years old and i’am from the Netherlands(Holland). I love your videos a lot! I think you inspire a lot of people with everything you do. If i’am watching one of your videos I become happy! You are so sweet and happy and you know a lot about Disney! I think your mother is a very sweet and considerate person!
    Bye bye and a hug,
    from Guusje :)

  12. Jon Turner on said:

    That is really amazing to see. I too am diagnosed with autism — Aspberger’s Syndrome, to be exact. I had a very difficult time learning to be sociable with other people AND how to make friends. It’s a miracle that I was able to learn both over the last twenty-something years of my life. And now as I near the end of my 31st year, I look bak and reflect on how far I’ve come as an adult.

    Learning about others having similar problems and how they learn to cope with them is similarly inspiring. I have decided to try to be as nice and kind to everyone as I can, and I find it very touching and beautiful to read about someone who has learned to cope with it. Best wishes to you, Tommy. You’ve REALLY come a long way.

    • Hi Jon, This is Tommy’s mom, MaryAnn :) Your message means so much to us. We understand so well how much effort it takes, and how determined a person with Autism must be to find their way in the world. It is so encouraging to hear that you continue to make progress well into your adult life, and I think many families and individuals with Autism find hope in knowing that learning is lifelong, and that people like yourself and Tommy can have happiness, success, and a joyful life with Autism. Thanks for writing. Best wishes to you too! Please say hi on Tommy’s Facebook page if you use Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tommydesbrisay.autismmeansfriendship

      Yours in Autism,

  13. Christopher Yagodzinski on said:

    Hello Tommy my name is Christopher Yagodzinski and I have been subscribed to your YouTube channel for sometime now. I have Asperger syndrome which is a type of autism. I also have Attention Deficit disorder also known as ADD. I enjoy the videos on your channel. I make stories of friendship between the two most unlikely of characters. The two characters are Tillie from the 1991 version of The Little Engine That Could and Merida from the Disney/Pixar movie Brave. The story started when Merida was reborn into the 21st century. She soon befriends Tillie and later on Merida is adopted into Tillie’s family. The stories are somewhat based off of a real life friendship I have with my oldest and closest friend named Joey. Here is a link to the picture of Tillie, Merida, and their friends having an excellent time together.


    • Hi Christopher,

      So great to hear from you here! We love your stories and drawings. Thanks for sharing your link. Thanks for being a friend to Tommy :)


  14. admin on said:

    Hello friends of Tommy,

    Tommy and his family are always so happy to hear from his viewers! Please leave a comment if you visited his site, and we will be sure to reply :)

    Have a magical day!

  15. Tommy, so very cool! I saw your story on the blog post by Kiara…..You’re quite the young man! Keep
    up the good fight and know that many of us also love Disney! I myself, at 50ish years old
    LOVE the characters!

    I’ll be in Disney World in August….I’ll be looking for ya! And if you aren’t there, I’ll say hello to the
    characters for you!

    • admin on said:

      Hey Dan, This is Tommy’s mom, MaryAnn :) I’m 50ish too, and Disney brings a smile to my face every time!!! I don’t think Tommy will be at Disney in August, but definitely say hi from him to whoever you meet! Thanks for your sweet message :)

  16. Jasmin Rivera on said:

    Hi Tommy & Des Brisay family! I just so happened to stumble upon one of your YouTube videos and it put a bigger smile on my face than something has in a longggg time. Tommy is such an inspiration and his happiness is truly infectious! Huge love from me here in Florida. I’m going to Disney on Saturday and I will definitely be keeping Tommy in mind while I’m there! :)

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