Welcome to Tommy’s website!  We’re so glad you came.

On this site you will learn more about Tommy!  We’ll share videos from Tommy’s YouTube channel “lookyus” and keep you up to date about all the exciting things Tommy is up to in his life including: training as a para-athlete, traveling to Disney, and hanging out with his guide dog Adel, friends and family.

You can also say hi to Tommy at his  Facebook Page!  He loves Facebook and enjoys chatting.

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Tommy has a new video upload on YouTube today! Check it out!
Here is a wonderful small clip of his race finish, provided by ZoomPhoto.ca 🙂 The full video of his event is on his channel 🙂 Link below 🙂
Tommy finished 1st place in the 9RunRun Half Marathon 2016 with PB of 1:10:34! Thank you to everyone who makes this race so amazing! Thank you to our first responders here in Ottawa for all you do for us! Congratulations to all the runners who participated! Whee! And thank you to Ottawa Lions Track and Field Club for being such a supportive community to all runners!
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Tommy Des Brisay finished 1st place in the 9 Run Run Half Marathon today with a new personal best of 1:10:38
Thank you to everyone who supported Tommy today and cheered him on! #Whee
Youtube video here: youtu.be/mA-QV3zQXN0
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Tommy Des Brisay receiving his award at the wonderful Chelsea Challenge race!

Thank you to everyone who worked hard to make the Chelsea Challenge a huge success again in 2016! Tommy and Peter love this beautiful road race in the wonderful community of Chelsea Quebec, where Peter grew up and where Tommy has a Des Brisay family cottage. Tommy raced the 10k again this year, and finished 1st place with a new personal best time of 32:14! Cousin Iain raced the 5k this year! Iain is a competitive sailor, and has had a great year in his sailing races, but hasn't been running at all. Still, he kept up to Tommy for the first km and gave the race his all! Iain's girlfriend McKala came too! After the race, Tommy visited with family at the cottage. We hope you enjoy this video! Thanks for watching!
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Tommy and Phil creating art together! ... See MoreSee Less

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59 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Hi, I recently found your videos. I absolutely love them. I am actually learning about autism. I have an older half sister who i just met last year (she was adopted) and she has autism. I believe she is nonverbal. It’s hard to understand what she says, but I love spending time with her and she always plays with my pony tail

    1. Hi Sabrina! This is Tommy’s mom 🙂 Thanks for your sweet message. We wish you and your new sister many, many magical moments and love. Thanks for watching and writing to Tommy! Hugs oxox

    1. Hi Matt! Thank you for the amazing picture of Tommy with Mickey and Minnie for Tommy’s 24th birthday! It is awesome! We are so happy you wrote 🙂 Merry Christmas to you! – MaryAnn, Tommy’s mom

  2. I have four of my favorite Tommy you tubes on my google+ page. My most favorite is the one where he’s dancing with the little girl dressed as Anna from Frozen.

  3. Hi Tommy and Company!
    I wrote you a comment a couple months back when I first discovered “lookyus”. I just thought it was time for an update! I still love your videos and I still think that you’re absolutely amazing! That hasn’t changed at all! But I just wanted to let you know that I finished my first half-marathon today in 2:55:13! My goal was to be under 3 hours and seeing as how I only started running 4-5 months ago, I feel pretty proud! Was thinking of you most of the time. It was pretty cold (30 F), seeing as how I’m a Floridian, but I just reminded myself that it wasn’t as cold as it was in Canada. Coming up in April, I’m planning on running a Disney race! I’m really excited about that (I plan on doing many more!). Hopefully I’ll see you around sometime at a race or just a Disney trip. I’m actually going tomorrow, so that’s exciting. I hope you had a good Valentine’s Day! 🙂
    -Your Floridian friend ,

    1. Hey Abi, That is an amazing first half marathon accomplishment! You rock! We are sending you cyber hugs. Keep up the wonderful journey, and we hope to meet you someday <3

  4. Hey Tommy! I watched all your videos on the website and 2 on YouTube. I’m even adding something about you and your dogs in my speech about autism!

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