Welcome to Tommy’s website!  We’re so glad you came.

On this site you will learn more about Tommy!  We’ll share videos from Tommy’s YouTube channel “lookyus” and keep you up to date about all the exciting things Tommy is up to in his life including: training as a para-athlete, traveling to Disney, and hanging out with his guide dog Adel, friends and family.

You can also say hi to Tommy at his  Facebook Page!  He loves Facebook and enjoys chatting.

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This video shares a day with Tommy doing weight training at Olympic Training Center, Chula Vista. Tommy is working hard every day, hoping to be selected for the Para World Track and Field Championships 2017 in London England in the T20 5000m and 1500m, and the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games! Athletics Canada has identified him as an elite athlete and Tommy is working hard to make his dreams come true!
Thank you for all the support and for watching. Subscribe to his YouTube channel to follow him on his journey! youtu.be/mMpTfofZw78
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Here is a wonderful video of Tommy training on the beautiful outdoor track at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, with fellow Canadian athletes Sasha Gollish, Andrea Seccafien, Geoff Harris who were such incredible mentors, friends, supports, and fellow hard working athletes training alongside Tommy- You guys rock! Thank you all for making Tommy's experience there so incredibly positive 🙂
Heather Hennigar
#Athletics Canada
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If your very good friend Sultana just happens to be one of the First Most Powerful Hammer Throwers in the World, why not ask her to help you out with those pesky Disney Villains? That's what Tommy did when he and his amazing friend Sultana hung out together at the Olympic Training Center! Go Sultana Frizell !!! Show those villains who's boss!
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If you live in Ottawa and woke up to yet another snowfall, you may be feeling discouraged about spring's delayed arrival… So here are some selfies Tommy made of himself to celebrate spring! Hope these photos bring a smile!
Tommy is currently in Vancouver, training alongside runners at UBC as part of his journey to try to be selected for World Championships this summer, and of course Vancouver is much greener and Tommy has been able to run around Stanley Park and enjoy much milder temperatures! He even drew one of the horses that pull the trolly in Stanley Park based on Phillipe the horse from Beauty and the Beast! Including that photo here for your enjoyment! Happy Saturday!
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Have you ever seen the Grand Canyon from an airplane? Watch and see! Whee!
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Tommy T-shirts:

If you wish to buy a T-shirt to support Tommy, click here to take you to the T-shirt page!


66 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Hey tommy and Maryanne im Laura I’m 22 and live in Idaho I like watching your videos I’m a Disney fan to . I have a disability to it’s a Learning disability hope to hear back from you

    1. Hello Laura, This is MaryAnn! We are so glad you enjoy Tommy’s videos 🙂 How wonderful that you are also a Disney fan! Thanks for your comment, it made us smile. Autism Means Friendship oxox

  2. Hi Tommy, I love your YouTube videos. Maybe I have to show up the same time you do at Disney. I am a professional mermaid, and I take care of kids that have autism. I love your Disney videos and your story is amazing.

    Take care,
    Isatu/Ice or Mermaid Morgan

    1. Hi Mermaid Morgan! This is MaryAnn! Thanks for your message and your kind words. The kids you take care of are lucky to have a mermaid friend! Sounds magical 🙂 Hugs oxox

  3. Hello Tommy and MaryAnn. I absolutely love watching your YouTube videos. They are amazing and make me smile. I am also a massive fan of Disney! I suffer from selective mutism which led to social anxiety disorder and having no friends and I don’t go out much. Watching your videos has made me re-evaluate all of my fears and anxieties because Tommy seems to have a positive outlook on life and is always happy. Thank you for these amazing videos.

    1. Hi Courtney, This is MaryAnn! Thanks for your message. Tommy struggles with a lot of anxiety too. We share his most positive moments, because that is what Tommy feels best sharing with the world. He truly is joyful and loves to share his enthusiasm with everyone. He prefers to keep his more difficult moments private. We hope that others understand how important this is, while enjoying sharing in Tommy’s best golden moments and successes! I hope you find passions and interests that help you overcome the challenges you face. Tommy’s love of Disney, running, his dog Adel, and many other things have all helped him to thrive! Best wishes to you, big hug, MaryAnn

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