Welcome to Tommy’s website!  We’re so glad you came.

On this site you will learn more about Tommy!  We’ll share videos from Tommy’s YouTube channel “lookyus” and keep you up to date about all the exciting things Tommy is up to in his life including: training as a para-athlete, traveling to Disney, and hanging out with his guide dog Adel, friends and family.

You can also say hi to Tommy at his  Facebook Page!  He loves Facebook and enjoys chatting.

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Tommy Des Brisay began taking guitar lessons with Phil in 2015, and has so much fun learning new Disney songs! Phil is a fantastic teacher and Tommy has learned so much! In this video, Tommy plays guitar and sings with Phil while learning the Work Song from Cinderella, Cinderelly! This was the first time ever that Tommy tried to play this song, and we hope you enjoy watching how Tommy and Phil begin a new song together and how Tommy learns. It seems a great time to share this video right after sharing the video of Tommy meeting Perla the mouse at Disneyland! Enjoy! If any of Tommy's friends would like Phil and Tommy to show you how to play a certain song on the guitar, you could write your request in the comments, and we will try to make a video! Whee!

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Sometimes Tommy's friends ask about his siblings. Only Tommy could make it so abundantly clear just how many siblings he has! Check out his chat in this photo for his explanation!Yes, Tommy has one sibling, his big brother Paul! Paul is two years older than Tommy. Paul married his wife Laura in September 2015, so Tommy Des Brisay now has a wonderful sister-in-law! Paul and Laura have incredibly interesting and exciting lives! If you would like to follow them on Instagram, Paul's account is PaulsonandLaura and Laura's account is Lauradburns. Paul is currently in Grenada, working as a bird researcher, while Laura is working at her new job as a polar bear researcher at the Assiniboine Park zoo in Winnipeg. Their Instagram photos are absolutely amazing, check it out! We love you Paul and Laura, and miss you every day. Oxox ... See MoreSee Less

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Tommy met his longtime YouTube and Facebook friend Hannah in person for the first time at Disneyland! They began to explore the park together, and along came Perla the mouse from Cinderella! Tommy was so happy be began to sing to her! There are more videos of Tommy's adventures with Hannah at Disneyland coming soon!
Many thanks to Hannah Watson and her mom Dana Wilson Watson for this photo! You guys are the best!!! oxoxoxoxoxox
Tommy is an Athlete with Autism who loves Disney!
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We are home in Ottawa! Tommy was in California for a long time! He was in Chula Vista at the Olympic training center from Jan 21 to Feb 9. He made new amazing friends, trained very hard, and learned many incredibly valuable things on this part of his journey as a T20 para athlete dreaming to race at the World Championships this summer in England, and in Tokyo 2020. Then his trip to California took him to Disneyland in Anaheim, where he had the joy of reconnecting with some wonderful old Disney character friends, some longtime YouTube friends, and meeting some dear YouTube friends in person for the first time. What an adventure, and what fun to spend time discovering all the magic at Disneyland with our dear friends Alyssa and VJ, Hannah, Dana and Scott, Lindsay, Valeria and Mason- your companionship and support made the magic so much more special! We were also grateful to be lucky enough to unexpectedly cross paths with friends like Jamie and her family, and many other YouTube friends, and also make so many brand new friends in the parks as Tommy reached out in his friendly way to so many kids and their families along the way <3 Also, a very touching moment was our day in Marina Del Ray and Santa Monica, where Tommy reconnected with Farnaz and her husband Robbie. Farnaz was a therapist who worked with Tommy in 1997, when he was 5 years old. 20 years later, Tommy had his first conversation with her. It was incredible to see them chatting away together. We also visited the apartment where we stayed when Tommy was 5, and he led us from the pool area right to the door of our apartment. He remembered it all. What a great experience to take Tommy back to where we stayed 20 years ago, and how wonderful that Farnaz met him again! Thank you to each and every person who joined Tommy in his California adventure over the past few weeks, for being a part of making Tommy's trip so fantastic. There are lots of great photos and videos....we will be posting them little by little over the next while. Can't wait to share the special moments with all of Tommy's friends via his YouTube channel 🙂 Stay tuned 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

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65 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Hey tommy and Maryanne im Laura I’m 22 and live in Idaho I like watching your videos I’m a Disney fan to . I have a disability to it’s a Learning disability hope to hear back from you

    1. Hello Laura, This is MaryAnn! We are so glad you enjoy Tommy’s videos 🙂 How wonderful that you are also a Disney fan! Thanks for your comment, it made us smile. Autism Means Friendship oxox

  2. Hi Tommy, I love your YouTube videos. Maybe I have to show up the same time you do at Disney. I am a professional mermaid, and I take care of kids that have autism. I love your Disney videos and your story is amazing.

    Take care,
    Isatu/Ice or Mermaid Morgan

    1. Hi Mermaid Morgan! This is MaryAnn! Thanks for your message and your kind words. The kids you take care of are lucky to have a mermaid friend! Sounds magical 🙂 Hugs oxox

  3. Hello Tommy and MaryAnn. I absolutely love watching your YouTube videos. They are amazing and make me smile. I am also a massive fan of Disney! I suffer from selective mutism which led to social anxiety disorder and having no friends and I don’t go out much. Watching your videos has made me re-evaluate all of my fears and anxieties because Tommy seems to have a positive outlook on life and is always happy. Thank you for these amazing videos.

    1. Hi Courtney, This is MaryAnn! Thanks for your message. Tommy struggles with a lot of anxiety too. We share his most positive moments, because that is what Tommy feels best sharing with the world. He truly is joyful and loves to share his enthusiasm with everyone. He prefers to keep his more difficult moments private. We hope that others understand how important this is, while enjoying sharing in Tommy’s best golden moments and successes! I hope you find passions and interests that help you overcome the challenges you face. Tommy’s love of Disney, running, his dog Adel, and many other things have all helped him to thrive! Best wishes to you, big hug, MaryAnn

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